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Don’t Wait Until 2020! Use Your Dental Benefits Now

November 13, 2019

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Each year, dentists watch as their patients forgo the use of their dental insurance benefits. Understanding that preventive care is one of the most crucial and beneficial forms of treatment, it can be difficult to see so many lose hundreds or thousands of dollars because time, fear, and even money stands in their way. If you are one of these individuals who don’t make the most of your dental plan, stop the vicious cycle now by hearing from a cosmetic dentist who explains what you can do to maximize your benefits and save money in the process.

The Theory of Use It or Lose It

Don’t like the idea that you could lose valuable money at the end of each year? For too many, it’s a reality because dental insurance benefits don’t rollover. Instead, what’s left behind is sent back to the insurance companies, resulting in your deductible and annual maximum starting over at $0 on January 1. If you want to make sure your money stays right where it should and is used to benefit you most, here’s what you can do:

Take Care of Your Smile

While it sounds easy, many individuals don’t even make it to their dentist’s office twice a year for regular dental checkups and cleanings. These visits make it possible to get the care you need right now, prevent problems from occurring in the future, and in most cases, require you pay nothing out of pocket. Since most insurance companies agree to cover preventive services at 100%, you can be proactive about your oral health and only be responsible for paying your monthly premium.

Make Use of Your Deductible

If you learn that you need a specific treatment or procedure, it’s highly advised that you get it scheduled before December 31. This is especially true if you have met your deductible. This is when your insurance company agrees to pay more, and you will pay less. Depending on the services you receive, they will likely pay 70-80% for minor treatments (i.e. fillings) or 50-70% for major treatments (i.e. dental crowns, root canal). If you choose to wait until 2020, you’ll not only be responsible for meeting your deductible again, but you’ll also pay for the entire procedure out of pocket.

When enrolling in dental insurance, make sure you review your policy closely. If you need assistance, your dentist and their expert staff can help in providing clarification should you need it. Don’t let the insurance companies take more than they already receive. Maximize your benefits so that you can take care of your oral health now instead of later.

About the Author
Dr. Sarah Pittara believes in the importance of helping her patients achieve healthy smiles. To do this, patients must be committed to receiving regular dental care. When problems arise, treatments and procedures can become costly but by using dental insurance, patients can save money and receive the care they need, especially when they need it most. For individuals who are unsure of how best to use their dental plan or how to save money on beneficial and necessary treatments, we invite you to contact our office at (361) 855-7171.

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