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Restorative Dentistry – Corpus Christi, TX

Bring Your Smile Back With Professional Care

When you have a dedicated at-home oral care routine, you’re likely surprised when a dentist tells you that you have a damaged tooth that requires a filling or crown. However, sometimes normal wear and tear can damage teeth even when you commit to brushing and flossing. If it does, Dr. Pitarra has the expertise to bring your smile back to life with natural-looking and long-lasting restorative dentistry in Corpus Christi, TX! Call her dental office today to set up your very first appointment.

Why Choose Sarah Pitarra, DDS for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Tooth-Colored Materials Utilized
  • Dental Implant Placement Available
  • Highly Customized to Your Exact Needs

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Animated tooth colored filling placement

When small cavities form in teeth, it only puts them at risk of breaking down further and requiring more extensive restorations later. Instead of relying on metal amalgam fillings to restore teeth, which are very visible in the smile, we use tooth-colored alternatives to keep your smile looking as natural as possible. Placing these fillings can be done in a single appointment. Plus, they can provide up to 10 years of protection, giving you the confidence to chew food and smile in photos knowing only you and your dentist know about your restorations.

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Dental Crowns

Animated dental crown placement

If a tooth has become badly damaged, it can eventually fall out if not properly addressed with a professionally-made crown. Dental crowns are one of the most effective options available for heavily damaged teeth, especially when a filling will not sufficiently protect a tooth. Each crown is fully customized to fit over your damaged tooth exactly, so you can chew food with confidence. Plus, since natural-looking ceramics can be utilized, you never have to worry about hiding your smile!

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Badly-damaged teeth that go unaddressed can eventually dislodge and fall out. Professionally-made dental crowns have long stood as an effective solution for damaged teeth. Each fully-customized crown fits neatly over the damaged tooth. This not only allows for confidence in eating, but also provides a natural-appearing ceramic crown that won't have to worry about!


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