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Corpus Christi Emergency Dentistry

Smiling woman in dental chairAt the Corpus Christi dental office of Sarah Pitarra, DDS, our dedicated dentist and dentistry team members are here to help patients whenever they need us most. That includes offering emergency dental care. For patients in need of urgent treatment, we can often provide same day emergency dentistry appointments. If you’ve experienced tooth pain, facial trauma, or other dentistry emergencies that require immediate attention, call our Corpus Christi office right away. We’ll walk you through how to care for your smile and relieve pain until you reach our office. In most cases, we’ll see you on the same day you call, but if we can’t fit you in immediately, we’ll still want to schedule an appointment for you to visit us as soon as possible.

Common Dental Emergencies

Man in dental chair smiling at dentistWhen patients don’t call us during dental emergencies, they typically say they didn’t think that their situation “counted” as an emergency. If you’re in pain or have damaged teeth or soft tissue, chances are you’re in need of emergency care, but some of those concerns we treat most often as emergencies include:

  • Knocked out or broken out teeth or dental restorations like crowns and bridges
  • Bent or warped partial or full dentures
  • Severe toothache or dental sensitivity
  • Food or foreign debris stuck between teeth
  • Soft tissue lacerations

At-Home First Aid & Pain Management

Woman in dental chair giving thumbs upYou don’t need to worry about memorizing dental emergency first aid techniques because one of our team members will walk you through how to care for your smile and relieve pain over the phone when you give our Corpus Christi office a call. However, if you like to be prepared, you can keep the following basics in mind:

  • Keep the damaged area clean using cool water to rinse away blood or other matter
  • Don’t use oral hygiene products or scrub at the damaged tissue
  • Use gentle pressure to slow bleeding
  • Apply ice packs to stop bleeding, relieve pain, and reduce swelling
  • If a large piece of tooth or your entire tooth is knocked out, try to restore it to the socket
  • If you can’t replace a knocked out tooth, store it in a container of water or milk
  • Take over the counter pain relievers as directed, but don’t apply aspirin directly to your tooth
  • Use floss to remove debris caught between teeth, but don’t use sharp objects as this can damage soft tissue
  • Avoid excess strain following an emergency, relax and rest as much as possible until you reach our team

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Man receiving dental treatmentWhile not every dental emergency can be prevented, making some minor adjustments to your daily habits can reduce your risk for dentistry emergencies. Some of the ways you can decrease risk for emergency include:

  • Take care of your smile with daily tooth brushing and flossing and regular trips to see us in our Corpus Christi office for checkups and teeth cleanings
  • Use mouthguards as directed to protect teeth during athletic competitions and nighttime teeth grinding and clenching
  • Don’t chew on hard objects like ice and fingernails
  • Avoid using teeth to open packages and crack nuts