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Corpus Christi Dentist Says Missing Teeth Declines Health!

June 28, 2017

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Did you know your dentist and your physician may be in cahoots together? In fact, the number of missing teeth you have could be a clear indicator for your doctor addressing chronic inflammatory diseases. A study conducted by the both the University of Helsinki and The National Institute for Health and Welfare found that missing 5 or more teeth increased the risk for coronary heart disease events. Moreover, patients missing more than 9 teeth indicated an increase in developing cardiovascular diseases by up to 51%, diabetes by 31%, and even unyielding death by 31%!

Your Corpus Christi dentist, Dr. Sarah Pitarra, wants you to understand how important it is to keep your natural teeth. In the instance that you lose one or several teeth, it’s critical to discuss the restorative options our office offers.

Maintain Excellent Oral Health by Keeping Your Natural Teeth!

Many patients face tooth loss. Just because it’s common doesn’t make it any less debilitating or dangerous to your health. Let’s take a look at which dangers you are facing by missing one or more key components of your smile.

Your other teeth will start shifting.

Naturally, your teeth will begin to shift to try to fill the open spot in your mouth. The remaining teeth of your smile could become crooked or overlapping, making it more difficult to clean. This could lead to tooth decay, cavities, or a misaligned bite. Finally, your jaws could be affected, increasing your risk of developing TMJ disorder.

You can suffer from gum and bone recession.

If your jawbone does not get enough “exercise” from the normal pressures of chewing, it will start to recede and deteriorate. This doesn’t just take place where the tooth once was, but it extends to other areas, putting your other teeth at risk.

You will have to change your eating habits.

The loss of even a single tooth can greatly affect your eating habits. Patients dealing with these problems tend to eat easily chewable, digestible, and high-processed foods. Basically, you’re more at risk for food-induced health diseases because these foods are lower in nutritional value.

You may not be as confident.

Sometimes, some patients experience difficulties just speaking normally, especially if they are missing a front tooth.

Discovering Restorative Dentistry: How can it help you?

Dr. Pitarra has dedicated her work to helping patients preserve natural smiles, but in the event that you lose a tooth, our office can help you replace it.  Let’s explore the various options your Corpus Christi dental practice offers for patients in need.

Crowns and Bridges

The dental crowns we offer in our office are tooth-colored to match your remaining teeth. We can replace several consecutive teeth with a series of dental crowns, also known as a dental bridge. These are devices that bridge the gap where your missing teeth were. We bond them to your natural teeth to stay in place, replacing the visible portion of your tooth.


These are removable dental prosthetics that can replace several teeth in various places in your mouth. Partial dentures fit among your natural teeth like the perfect-fitting puzzle piece. Complete dentures can replace a whole arch of teeth—or both arches!

Dental Implants

If you’re looking for a tooth replacement option that’s the next best thing compared to your natural teeth, look no further. Dental implants use a titanium implant post to surgically keep your dental prosthetic in place permanently. This also keeps your jawbone strong, healthy and can revitalize your smile. We can attach dentures to them, crowns, and even bridges!

Contact Our Office to Replace Your Teeth

If you need to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible, it’s time to schedule an appointment at our office. Dr. Pitarra can examine your mouth and determine the best option for you. Contact us today!

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